The general is generic, “the challenge is in the Small Details”

There are many engineers, master builders or architects and other protagonists of a project who managed to surprise us with their avant-garde ideas. Capable of making you travel through the imagination in each of their sketches.

However, they do not usually take into account long-term details or small details that are the real challenges and quality results that make the contractor the leader in (RRP): reputation, recommendation and prestige.

At MTM Sheet Metal, we work hard to learn every day from the needs of our customers, including refreshing learning from previously executed experiences, such as the phrase “What well is learned never is lost”.

For the contractors of a construction site, the value in detail for the experiences of other projects is vital to achieve (RRP), since they must be able to think about the risks or comfort that a project may have for a user or a group of users. that inhabit or frequently transit around or within the projected structure. For example, think of metal materials, wood, MDF, among others.

Likewise, the contractor must have the necessary knowledge of the long-term effects such as the decomposition of said materials over time, whether due to rust, fungi, corrosion or insects. Including long-term transfer decisions. The recommendations to the customer must be for the current common, even prophecies for prevention, the idea is to avoid risks and persist to add (RRP).

In this way, not only does the contractor have a vision for the work, but he manages to focus the customer with his feet on the ground, after having led him to the general creativity of the generic aspects of a construction site. That is to say, not only thinking about their habitat or frequent traffic, but also capable of attending to health aspects, including for those who have the need to tame animals or have children or stay there until old age.

At MTM Sheet Metal we believe in this philosophy, that the great trajectories and stories to be concluded are persuaded with the challenge of anticipating the small details.

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