Have you ever wondered what materials you need for chimneys and chimney liners, skylights, structural steel, etc.? 

The first thing we think of is steel, which is basically fine. However, steel is not the main material to build Skylights, Structural Steel, among others. If not, to build the steel. The material you need is known as sheet metal. So in this blog today we will discuss the various characteristics of this thin and flexible material that has been widely used in today’s urban construction industries:

  • The Sheet Metal is a thin and flat piece that is manufactured in an industrial process, where an iron plate is left that winds a long ribbon of the desired thickness. Thus producing a long, flat piece of sheet metal.
  • The Sheet Metal is rolled or cut into several pieces, achieving the characteristics of the sheet.
  • Although the Sheet Metal is very thin, it is not aluminum and steel is used to make it, but it is essential since it varies in impurities and imperfections of elastic limit. Example: Label A-36 has a yield strength greater than 36,000 psi and a thickness of 0.0075 inches.
  • The last feature of The Sheet Metal is the precise mathematics. Just as you read it! Mathematics is an important part of the Sheet Metal operation, as we talk about measurements, temperatures, required cuts and angles needed to obtain the densest curves. A Sheet Metal worker is required to have sufficient knowledge to do the application as desired.

For MTM Sheet Metal, a good knowledge of the characteristics of the pieces that we apply is important, since when observing uniformity we do not want to find many variations. Processes can be streamlined, time saved and quality delivered. As the saying goes “measure twice, cut once”. That is, to have greater precision and avoid errors, two measurements must be made before carrying out the execution. This is extremely important to our operations. In this way we guarantee an impeccable delivery in each of our projects.

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