Round & Flat Oval Spiral Duct

Round & Flat Oval Spiral Duct

We know you have wondered. Why choose coiled tubing over rectangular ducting with MTM Sheet Metal?
There are infinite reasons to choose with us, however here is an introduction:

- We try to place these elements in a visually attractive way.

- We are efficient and effective in the installation of these.

- Guarantee in all our Installations

- Fast execution

Square Ducts, AC

The ducts are a tubular, cylindrical or polyhedral element that are determined in the passage through which the air conditioning, heating, ventilation or vapors or gasses are conducted in a construction of any kind and for different reasons.

At MTM, we have the capacity to supply a variety of ducts, ideal for the escape of fluids that are required or produced in an installation, supply tempered air or purify the environment through the injection of washed air in different areas of a building. Likewise, they can serve as an exhaust for ventilation or lock for gasses or vapors produced by some process carried out within the facilities in which they are placed.


Our way of working is very flexible and focused on the customer. We are organized in customer teams where the distance from management to work-force is very short, and we carry all responsibility towards the customer. This means that we can take on assignments with short lead time and high demands on flexibility and delivery assurance.
  • beam Prototype development.
  • beam Products in series, from small to large series.
  • beam Products in projects, small and large projects.
  • beam Design in modern CAD environment.
  • beam Overall udertaking, from design to installation.
  • beam Projects to reduce costs of products and systems.