Perforated Steel Sheets

Perforated Steel Sheets

Perforated sheet can be light to heavy gauge in thickness and can be perforated on any type of material such as perforated carbon steel. Perforated metal is versatile, in the way that it can have aesthetically pleasing small or large openings. This makes perforated sheet metal ideal for many architectural metal and decorative metal uses. Perforated metal is also an inexpensive option for your project. Our perforated metal filters solids, diffuses light, air and sound. It also has a high strength-to-weight ratio.

At MTM Sheet Metal we have a wide range of hole shapes, sizes, gauges and material types.

The most common applications for perforated metal include:

- Metal screens
- Metal diffusers
- Metal guards
- Metal filters
- Metal vents
- Metal signage
- Architectural applications
- Safety barriers

Perforated Steel Sheets

Stainless steel, alsoknown ascorrosion-resistant steel, is aniron-based steel alloy, containingminimum 11%chromium. Chromium present in itprevents it from getting corroded,by forming aself-healing film of chromiumoxide on the surface of stainless steel.Apartfrom being corrosion resistant,it is also known for its qualities ofhighductility, weldability and cryogenictoughness. Stainless steel is gradedbytaking into consideration theenvironment that it will be assigned to.Thegrading system that is mostcommonly used for grading stainless steel is theSAESteel Grades, designatedby the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), andtheUNS grades.

Stainless steel grades are iron alloysthat contain more than 10.5% ofchromium. Other alloys are added to stainlesssteel to amplify its properties.The grading is based on the metallurgicalstructure and nature of stainlesssteel. The grades of stainless steel arecategorized into different families onthe basis of the properties that theydisplay.


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