Chimneys & Chimney Liners


Chimneys & Chimney Liners

At MTM Sheet Metal, we know how valuable a chimney is to any home. Especially when it comes to keeping homes in the northeastern United States warm.

Most home buyers prefer and are willing to pay more for a home with a fireplace. Nonetheless, your chimney surround ensures that your family stays warm through the long winter.


However, it takes a trained professional to maintain and refinish your dream chimney to your liking.


For this reason, MTM Sheet Metal gives you the excellent news, which you can rest assured, since we have trained personnel who will follow up on keeping your chimney in optimal conditions.



Our way of working is very flexible and focused on the customer. We are organized in customer teams where the distance from management to work-force is very short, and we carry all responsibility towards the customer. This means that we can take on assignments with short lead time and high demands on flexibility and delivery assurance.
  • beam Prototype development.
  • beam Products in series, from small to large series.
  • beam Products in projects, small and large projects.
  • beam Design in modern CAD environment.
  • beam Overall udertaking, from design to installation.
  • beam Projects to reduce costs of products and systems.